Memphis Vein Center

Trellis Procedure

The Trellis procedure done as an outpatient, is a clot busting treatment that is used to actually remove the clot immediately after the deep venous thrombosis is diagnosed by removing the blood clots and opening the veins so patients will not suffer the long-term complications including the post phlebitic syndrome and the circulation is reestablished

The way that treatment is performed a catheter is inserted inside the vein and the clot busting agent is given and clot is dissolved locally and the entire clot can be aspirated out. However, if the patient has a chronic DVT the vein is completely blocked. We reopen the vein through an interventional technique and dilate the vein and insert a stent so we can reestablish the circulation.

The Trellis procedure (clot busting therapy)is for acute DVT and vein stenting (reopening the vein) for chronic DVT with leg swelling and ulceration is performed by Dr. Arcot as an out patient at the hospital.