Memphis Vein Center

About Us

Memphis Vein Center is dedicated to treat all types of varicose veins with the most advanced laser(EVLT) and venefit (VNUS) technology to restore health back into your legs. Varicose veins are abnormal veins that occur in the legs. They can be small thin purple colored lines (called spider veins), or they can appear as thick, bulging or knotty veins.

While most people think that varicose veins are simply a cosmetic issue, there is in fact often an underlying medical problem that causes varicose veins, this medical condition is called venous reflux disease. Our special interest is treating patients with symptomatic varicose veins and leg swelling, pain due to poor circulation and/or venous ulcers.

Our comprehensive approach includes the state of the art laser (EVLT) and Venefit (VNUS) procedures, as well as ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and micro surgical procedure called phlebectomy, all done as out patient procedure in our office, so you can get back to regular active life the very same day.

Dr. Arcot established Memphis vein center, with the goal of providing quality vascular care in a relaxed, convenient environment. With 20 years of endovascular experience. He is board certified in Interventional Cardiology, Phlebology and Vascular Medicine. Dr. Arcot's wide-ranging expertise in vascular as well as interventional cardiology assures that each patient receives the appropriate treatment for his or her condition.